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Earthways School of Wilderness Living has evolved into a new realm.

Watch For Up Coming Programs Thai massage, Pottery & Yoga coming soon.

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Ray Reitze, Jr. former proprietor of Earthways School of Wilderness Living, author, teacher, naturalist, and Master Maine Guide lived, traveled and learned with a Micmac elder. Ray was trained in the ancient ways and now travels from Maine to California speaking, working with individuals, small groups, organizations, businesses, churches, healing centers, and medical practioners. Ray applies his teaching from the elders in his life, his life experiences from childhood through the Viet Nam war and from results obtained from past classes. His deep and gentle teaching style is effective for individuals or groups, private or business. He devotes his life to helping people from all walks of life to find inner peace and happiness, the ancient ways are still pertinent in these modern times.

Earthways School of Wilderness Living was founded in 1988 and offered wilderness living classes, workshops on skills and plant and animal identification, and river trips which Ray combined his knowledge of the outdoors, his guiding skills with his philosophy of life. Ray has worked with individuals from all over, as well as with businesses and their employees. He is the author of "And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land", and with his wife Nancy as co-author of articles for a local newspaper on "Grandfather's Teachings".

Signed: Old Turtle
Let us come to you at your place that fits your convenience.

Heart Teachings with Old Turtle
Photo by: Dirk MacKnight

Mission Statement

To create masters that go about creating masters so they may hold a renewed perspective of love for all things and move forward with knowledge of both the past and present to freely choose their life's purpose.

Heart Teachings with Old Turtle is located in the idyllic setting of north central Maine on 200 acres of forest and farm fields, with streams and a secluded pond in a cedar grove. Here, time has stopped its fast pace. We live what we teach, growing our food organically, getting electricity from the sun and composting humanure. Our village is made up of a hogan, workshop and several earth lodges. These lodges are ancient structures that have been used by peoples from around the world. Though the architecture is traditional we have crossed into the modern world by adding wood floors, windows, and wood burning stoves. These simple lodges are nestled in a stand of locust trees on the edge of a field, with plenty of surrounding woods to explore. Embraced by the beauty of the natural world, our students have ample opportunities for nature walks, wildlife observation, and to participate in the life of a subsistence farm. Please contact us for information on life programs, energy work and retreats.

"There are many paths to take during one′s life journey. One of mine led to your door. Behind that door lies a world of kindness, wisdom and love. Because of your grace, I carry new knowledge of myself and walk a more peaceful path." Tim Manzagol, Colorado

    Heart Teachings with Old Turtle
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